Belt Straps

Looking for a quality belt strap that will last?  Look no further than Here we bring to you SOLID full grain leather belt straps. We have these specially made for us to our specifications.  These straps are made from full grain cowhide or full grain buffalo leather.  Made from one solid piece of leather, each strap comes with two solid well made belt snaps so you can easily add and remove your own buckle.  If you are looking for a best quality, real, made like they used to make them belt strap, then look no further.   

We source our brand belts from the best manufactures around the world.  The owner personally vets each manufacture to make sure they provide the quality we demand for our products.  The Belt Shoppe only buys the best. Most of our belts are made in either Southern California (Made in USA) or India.  NONE of our belt straps come from China.  We dare you to ask our competitors where they get their belts.  We also dare you to compare the quality of our belts and belt straps to anyone.  We stand 110% behind our products and believe they are the BEST you will find in the market today.

So give our belts a try.  You are going to love it, Phil guarantees it.