Determine Size

Option 1:  Most Accurate Way

Lay your current belt flat on a smooth surface and measure it from where the buckle attaches to the leather (the fold) to the current hole used. Order that belt size (round up, if you measure odd). For example if you measure 37" or 38" to the hole you use, order a 38" belt size. It doesn't matter if you wear your belt in the last hole, we will make your new belt measure to the center hole.
Belt Size


Option 2: If you Don't have a Belt to Measure:

Pick a pair of pants that fit well and add 2 inches to the waist size on the tag to get your belt size.  Example: If you wear a 36 waist pants... order a 38" belt size. If you have multiple size pants we would recommend measuring a current belt per option 1's directions.  FYI....Jeans are normally sized large.  We recommend using this method with dress slacks or khakis.  It's common for size 36 men to fit in size 34 jeans.